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(a) Confidentiality is a means of providing the client with safety and privacy and thus protects client autonomy. For this reason, any limitation on the degree of confidentiality is likely to diminish the effectiveness of counselling.

Image by Dan Nelson

(b) The counselling agreement can be reviewed and changed by negotiation between the counsellor and the client. There are some exceptional circumstances where confidentiality is breached. In the case where information is provided that indicates that a person may be at risk of harm, counsellor are mandatory reporters and are required by law to report this. In small cases, a court may subpoena a counsellors documentation. In this situation counsellor will seek to safeguard as much personal information as possible.

(c) Confidentiality extends to client records such as the notes counsellors take which must be kept securely – They will be maintained as hard copy in a secure locked cabinet or by secure digital processes.

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